A Few Quick Tips For Maintaining A Used Truck

If you are a commercial truck driver, you know how expensive maintaining a used truck can be. Like most new truck drivers, you might be interested in purchasing a used truck for sale in order to keep your costs down. It is very important however, to realize that maintaining and up keeping a used truck can be expensive if you don’t do it right.

This article is going to walk you through a few of the ways that you can keep your used truck maintained properly for maximum savings. Remember, if you are a truck driver, your truck is a vital tool in your business.

Prevention Is Key

For your typical commercial truck driver, routine maintenance and checkups are just part of the job. But if you are a new truck driver, or maybe you have some experience on the road and you are starting to wane a little bit on your maintenance discipline, it is important to remind you that the key to an inexpensively maintained used truck is to approach maintenance with the preventative attitude.

Don’t wait until the tires are showing the metal strip. Replace them long before they reach a critical point. If you are starting to smell smoke, or your check engine light is on, don’t put off doing that check. You may think that you know your truck better than anyone, which you do, but your truck knows itself even better than you do. If it is sending signals that it needs to be maintained, that it needs to be repaired, don’t ignore those signals. You will end up paying for it in the end if you do.

It is estimated that proper preventative maintenance on a used truck that is over five years old can save you an average of $.10 per mile. For you long-haul truckers, that $.10 per mile can really add up to some massive savings. It could even mean the difference between a successful trucking business and a failure.

Life-cycle Costing

This is a bit more advanced of a topic for many used truck owners. Life-cycle costing is basically determining how much your truck costs over the life of your vehicle and determining the point at which a trade-in would be of maximum value to you.

For example, at certain points commercial trucks begin to lose value at an exponential rate. You want to trade in your truck before this occurs in order to maximize the value that you are able to get out of your use truck in a trade situation.

Trading commercial used trucks can be a difficult thing to do. There are often very few suppliers and buyers of these types of trucks, so you don’t necessarily have the leverage that you might have in a noncommercial used truck situation. You may simply have to accept the offer that the salesperson is giving you when you are trying to trade your vehicle.

Maintenance Compliance

The Department of Transportation provides a comprehensive list for commercial drivers that they must follow in order to keep their vehicle in compliance with the Department of Transportation standards for the roadways.

At face value, you should follow the maintenance compliance orders of the DOT for the safety and well-being of your used truck. Even more important, and perhaps more expensive, is that if you do not follow the Department of Transportation’s maintenance compliance standards you could be fined for refusing to follow the standards. As you can imagine, this fine is extremely expensive.


Keeping a used truck well maintained can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in the long run. Even the short run costs will almost immediately be paid back to you by simple maintenance and taking care of your vehicle.

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