Buying Tires For Your Used Truck

If you are going to be purchasing a used truck, or if you have purchased a used truck in the recent past, you have probably come to the realization that one of the biggest issues with these trucks are the tires. Let’s face it, people use trucks much more differently than they use sedans.

Trucks receive a lot of wear and tear during their lifetimes and most of that wear and tear is manifest in the tires. If you are considering purchasing a used truck for sale than we highly recommend that you plan on purchasing some tires soon after.

Why Buy New Tires?

Why should you purchase new tires so quickly after you purchase a vehicle? It all comes down to safety and future reliability of your truck. If your truck has a bad set of wheels you run the risk of a tire blowout, skidding off the road or worse. As tires wear down from use, they become less reliable. Since tires are essentially what keeps you connected to the road, it is important to keep them in tip top shape.

Don’t rely on the previous owner to have taken care of the wheels.

If you happen to haul a lot of gear you will want to make sure that the tires on the truck are in decent shape simply because you can lose a lot of performance in the truck when the tires are faulty. The tires don’t have to be flat for you to lose performance. They could be mis-aligned, have less grip than normal or simply be the wrong fit for your truck.

What Tires Should I Buy For My Used Truck?

There are many tire manufactures that make great tires for used trucks. Here is our list of our favorites:

Bridgestone: If you are looking for a high performance tire for all-terrain use, then the Bridgestone series is your best bet. If you are going to be purchasing your truck to use for outdoor adventures, working in the woods or off-roading, then these are the tires we recommend.

Good Year: Good Year is one of the oldest tire companies in the United States and they have sold tires to hundreds of thousands of used truck owners. They are a fantastic alternative in price to the Bridgestone tire. They are long lasting (which makes them even less expensive) and they are able to stand up against some pretty tough wear and tear.

CBA: If you are a commercial truck driver, then you absolutely need to purchase your tires from CBA. They are specialists when it comes to the commercial truck tire. If you are purchasing a used commercial truck for sale you can save yourself plenty of down time by investing in these tires. These tires undergo failure wheel analysis, flat wheel analysis and much more.


If you are planning on purchasing a used truck for sale, be prepared to purchase some new tires. This will help save you thousands down the road in maintenance costs, time and having to purchase a new truck.