Tips To Purchasing A Used Truck For Sale

Whether you are looking to buy a semi truck, a work truck or just a family truck, purchasing a used truck for sale can be a little bit intimidating. There are many pitfalls to be avoided when trying to navigate the waters of finding the right truck to purchase.

There are many aspects to purchasing a used truck that this article will cover. Hopefully, once you are done reading this article you will have a better idea of the buying process and have a list of things to watch out for.

Kelly Blue Book

When purchasing a used truck, this is the bible of information that you absolutely must have access to. The Kelly Blue Book is much more than a book, it is actually an organization that has put together useful information for buyers of used vehicles.

The KBB will give you information as to the price, value and quality that you can expect for any truck that you might be considering purchasing. For example, a Ford 350 with 50,000 miles and in good condition is worth $15,000 according to the official KBB website.

It is highly recommended that you go to their website to compare the asking price of the current truck owner, with the price that is listed in the Kelly Blue Book.

It is important to remember that KBB is not the only source for determining the value of a used truck, but it can offer a base idea of what the truck might actually be worth. Take the time to go through the website and make sure that you account for the extra add-ons and other features that the truck might have before jumping to any value conclusions.

Compare Similar Models And Geographic Location

The great thing about our website is that all of the used trucks for sale on our site are categorized in such a way that you can quickly and easily compare different models within a certain geographic region. The fact of the matter is that a truck in New York is not worth the same as a truck in Los Angeles.

That being said, you might consider looking for trucks outside of your immediate area. If you do live in New York, you might find that prices of used trucks for sale to be substantially higher than those prices found elsewhere in the country. You may be able to get a better deal for your used truck by simply purchasing out of your area.

Do be aware of legal and tax issues when purchasing cars across state lines.

Determine Your Needs Before You Go Shopping

The worst thing that you can do when buying a used truck for sale is to go shopping before you even know what you need the truck for.

If you go “blind” shopping, you will end getting sucked into sales pitches and marketing efforts and you may walk away with a very expensive truck that doesn’t do anything that you need it to. If you are looking for a used truck, chances are you will be needing to use that truck for work. Write down all of the things that you need to have for your “dream truck” and try your best to find a used truck that fits those needs.


Purchasing a used truck can be a confusing and difficult process, but it really doesn’t have to be. Use the tips from this article to ensure that you are getting the best deal, getting the right truck and getting it the right way.

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